After 40 years!

Javid Nikpour
After 40 years!

Violation of women’s rights in social, political, and sport domains is the thing that mostly hurts Iranian people. In Iran, women are still not allowed to enter the football stadiums, and in FIFA World Cup 2018, after 40 years, they could enter the Azadi Stadium of Tehran to watch the live match. On March 1st, during the meeting between Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, and Hassan Rouhani, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, lifting bans on women in stadiums was discussed, resulting in granting selective permissions to women allowing them to enter stadiums after 40 years. Amid Russia World Cup, Azadi Stadium doors were opened for families to enjoy a screening of the Iran National Team’s matches. However, the problem still exists due to governmental and religious policies.

This story is a part of a long-term project reflecting on Iran’s contemporary issues within cultural, political, and religious scopes and their impacts on the lives of football and non-football fans.

By: Javid/ Podium Photos

This story was awarded Grand Prix and first place in the Paris Sport Photo Festival in 2019.

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