Fooroogh Taherkhani

Dancer with Love

Zahra, a physical education expert specializing in gymnastics, parkour, and dance, developed a close friendship with Hossein, a breakdancing trainer

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Yaser Amozad

I want to play sports!

Iranian boarding schools currently accommodate over 400,000 students, with the primary aim of ensuring educational equity. Despite the efforts made,

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Fereshteh Eslahi

Thoughts of Flight

In 2013, Saeed Ramin, an Iranian professional traceur, landed on a mat during an illegal competition, resulting in a spinal

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Farzam Saleh


In response to the Corona Virus outbreak on March 15th, 2020, the Iranian government announced the immediate closure of all

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Javid Nikpour

After 40 years!

The violation of women’s rights in social, political, and sports spheres is deeply distressing for the majority of Iranians. Despite

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