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Yaser Amozad

L’EQUIPE Magazin

Publication of Asgarabad Racing story by Yaser Amozad in L’EQUIPE Magazine in 2021. Please click here to check out the Asgarabad Racing story.

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Yaser Amozad


During my initial days of attending horse riding courses, I found myself captivated by the Turkmen people’s vibrant presence and their interactions. With an indescribable

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Fereshteh Eslahi

Hanoo Moonde

  “Saeed” was initially just a small aspect of another project. The moment I stumbled upon his name during my search, my curiosity led me

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Podium Photos was founded on October 7, 2015, with a focus on sports-related subjects. The founder, Javid Nikpour, along with co-founders Roshan Nourouzi, Farzam Saleh, and MohammadAli Najib, created Podium emphasizing not only in overlooked sport stories but also the way one sees it. In the world of sports, the podium represents the platform where the top three competitors receive their medals. Similarly, Podium Photos serves as a platform to showcase the narratives on sports and related issues. As a result, Podium’s photographers focus on capturing the often disregarded facets of sports activities, going beyond the headlines in news coverage.

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