Sarvenaz Rafieepour

On the fateful evening of August 14, 2018, Asma, a remarkable 24-year-old Iranian athlete hailing from Bushehr, faced a tragic incident. As an archery champion and a valued member of Iran’s national softball team, she was crossing a highway on her way back home from rigorous training sessions for upcoming archery competitions. Without a footbridge to safely navigate the busy thoroughfare, Asma was struck by two cars, plunging her into a deep coma.


Days turned into an agonizing wait for any signs of recovery, but the devastating news eventually arrived. After five heart-wrenching days, Asma was declared brain-dead, leaving her loved ones shattered. In a final act of selflessness, her organs were donated, offering a precious gift of life to those in need.


Over a year since Asma’s passing, a poignant symbol of remembrance now stands at the very site of the tragic accident—a newly erected footbridge. This bridge not only serves as a physical structure but also as a testament to Asma’s enduring spirit and the lasting impact she has left behind. To learn more about Asma’s inspiring story, you can find the complete narrative here.

اسما ورزشکار 24 ساله ایرانی اهل  بوشهر ، قهرمان تیراندازی با کمان و عضو تیم ملی سافتبال ایران ، شامگاه روز 23 مرداد 1397 در مسیر بازگشت از محل تمرینات آماده سازی مسابقات تیر و کمان به خانه ، هنگام عبور از بزرگراه فاقد پل عابر ، هم زمان با دو خودرو برخورد کرده و به کما رفت . نهایتا پس از 5 روز دچار مرگ مغزی شد واعضای بدنش اهدا گردید. اکنون پس از گذشت بیش از یک سال از مرگ اسما، پل عابری در محل حادثه احداث شده است.
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