Chouka Arena

Alireza Masoumi
Chouka Arena

Wrestling with Chokha is one of the most famous local games in Iran. This local game is prevalent among the Kermanj (Kermanj is the name of a large group of Kurds who speak the Kermanj dialect) and has a long history in Greater Khorasan province(the west of Iran). The natives of the province paid special attention to this game and worked on training the champions of this game.

Wrestling with Chokha is also very popular in Mashhad and is more popular among young people and teenagers.

Wrestling with Chokha is held in three suburbs areas Tous, Golshahr, and Ferdosi in Mashhad…Due to the lack of facilities in the suburbs, this ancient game has become one of the residents’ entertainment.

The existence of these species and this game has led to youth being exposed to social anomalies.

These games usually were held last until mid_December and end when the weather cools down.

By: Alireza Masoumi / Podium Nominated Members

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