Mr. Putin’s feast

Mr. Putin’s feast

Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup while it was facing two crises: First, the economic sanctions on Russia by western countries and second, the corruption allegations against Russia in bidding process. In an interview with Sovetsky newspaper, Maxim Oreshkin, the minister of economic development of Russia, said that based on the estimations, the tourists who would travel to Russia for world cup would inject an approximate 1.6 billion dollars to the Russian economy. He also stated that the sanctions by west would have no effect on this event.

Russia has invested more than 14 billion dollars on the World Cup and it is said that it enhanced its economy up to 31 billion dollars through tourism and investment.

The FIFA World Cup is not just about football. It is about a life-style model of contemporary human under the influence of the capitalist world.

By: Farzam, Mohammad, Payam/Podium Photos

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