The first annual exhibition of the Podium photo group, titled “Podium, One,” took place on August 25th, 2017, at Silk Road Gallery in Tehran, Iran. This exhibition showcased three distinct photographic projects capturing various sports, accompanied by seven photo series, each consisting of three frames known as “hattrick.” Additionally, “Podium, One,” in collaboration with Iran Images Agency, displayed a selection of photographs from the Jamjoo collection, featuring wedding photos of world champion Gholamreza Takhti.

Horse racing

Horse racing holds a significant place among equestrian sports, boasting a fascinating historical legacy. Archeological findings have solidified its existence in ancient Greece, Babylonia, Egypt,

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Bachookheh Wrestling

Bachookheh Wrestling is a widely renowned local sport in Iran, with a deep-rooted history in Khorasan. Over time, it has gained immense significance among the

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Tehran Teyf

Tehran Teyf is a softball team that was established in 2005. Initially, the team operated under different names such as Tehran B, Alborz, and Azarakhsh.

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