The first set of “Podium Talk” meeting series with hosting the Iranian photojournalist, “Mona HoobehFekr” was held at Silk Road Gallery on November 29, 2018 in Tehran, Iran.
Mona HoobehFekr is going to exhibit an unpublished photo collection titled “Life Goes On” which she has worked on for 4 years in this meeting that takes place on November 29th, 4-7 pm in @silkroadgallery .
“Podium Talk” is one of the activities of “Podium” photo group and this group will be hosting an active photographer who works in the field of sports feature photography in each meeting.
Mona Hoobehfekr is an Iranian photojournalist and documentary photographer who could obtain the permission to attend the FIFA World Cup in Russia as the first Iranian female photographer after more than 4 decades.

Photos by: Payam Sani, Ali Sharifzadeh, Mohsen Seyrafi, Amin Shahsavar and Sara Abdollahi

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