We are pleased to announce that Mohamad Ali Najib, a member of Podium Photo Group, has been nominated for the Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest 2019. The nomination is for a single photo from the Women’s Rugby photography project.”

ما بسیار مفتخریم تا اعلام کنیم که محمد علی نجیب از اعضای گروه عکس پودیوم با تک عکسی از پروژه عکس. راگبی زنان جزو کاندیداهای جایزه عکس بین المللی آندری استنین روسیه معرفی شده است می توانید کل عکس های پروژه راگبی را اینجا ببینید

Marzie Baneshi is a 24-year-old player in Girls of Fars. “I think playing rugby as a woman in Iran is absolutely crazy and being the coach of the women’s team is idiotic and we are
all like a bunch of lunatics who have been let loose from an asylum!” Marzie said.
A view of the Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest exhibition in Moscow, Russia














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