Ali Sharifzadeh

He is a professional photographer and photojournalist based in Tehran, Iran. Born in 1992, he graduated in Electronic Engineering and later pursued a B.A. in Photojournalism from News University. He further enhanced his skills in filmmaking through a course at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society.
At the age of 22, Ali began his professional career at Pana News Agency, where he gained valuable experience in the Iranian press industry. He garnered recognition for his exceptional talent and dedication, receiving the Emerging Talent of Photography Award at the Image of The Year Festival for three consecutive years.
With a profound interest in social issues related to sports in Iran, Ali focuses his lens on capturing thought-provoking stories. He specializes in revealing the behind-the-scenes narratives, showcasing the untold aspects of the sports world in Iran.
In 2019, he ventured into documentary filmmaking, crafting a compelling piece “Sampad: The First Person Naritive” that explored the lives of highly talented school students.
Ali Sharifzadeh continues to contribute to the field of photography and photojournalism, utilizing his skills to shed light on the social dynamics and intricacies of sports in his home country.

The Chair

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