Mohammadali Najib

He born in 1985 in Kermanshah, Iran, initially pursued studies in civil engineering. However, in 2009 during the presidential election in Iran, he developed a strong interest in photojournalism after witnessing impactful photographs published by news agencies. Motivated by this experience, he decided to leave university and pursue a career in photojournalism. He subsequently joined Yong Journalist Club (YJC Iran) as a photographer. Over the past 13 years, Najib has actively covered significant stories in Iran, working as both a staff photographer and photo editor. His photographs have been published in various local and international media outlets, showcasing his dedication and talent. Notably, Najib is also one of the co-founders of Podium photos, an achievement in his career path.


Freestyle football, also known as freestyle soccer, is a dynamic sport where individuals perform tricks and skills with a football

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