Podium, Two – Football Anecdotes

“My political victories are more important than my victories as a professional player. A match finishes in 90 minutes, but life goes on.” (Sócrates)

Football is perhaps the most popular event in human history. The emergence of the global market and current economic system and the idea of “football for football” erased its social and political functions of it. Like all other events in today’s world, football is also defined by the capital turnovers and its market. Yet, outside the professional world, the social and political functions of football are still traceable.
Football has become one of the most successful businesses in the world, in which the corporatization of local teams and transition of their social identity into mere economic entities are perceived as professionalism. Every child interested in this game dreams about joining the world’s biggest clubs as a workforce. However, it is still evident that football is a social phenomenon shaped by and meant for people, through which they can express their demands and concerns. Football is more than football; it is a space for people to shout their social and political demands.

This exhibition is our narration of football. The football that we know and the football that we love.

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