Farzam Saleh


On March 15th, 2020, in reaction to the Corona Virus outbreak, the Iranian government announced the immediate closure of all

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Javid Nikpour

After 40 years!

Violation of women’s rights in social, political, and sports domains is the thing that mostly hurts Iranian people. In Iran,

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Alireza Masoumi

Pride Path

Hossein Mousavi is a dirt field footballer; He himself says that he loves football, but because he was not able

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Ashkan Pordel


Parkour is a sport that has a philosophy of its own and is used to raise awareness of self, fight

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Sarvenaz Rafieepour


On the evening of August 14, 2018, Asma, a 24-year-old Iranian athlete from Bushehr, an archery champion and a member

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